MG Agro

MG Agro

MG Agro provides organizational and technical services to agricultural companies and industries, in markets as diverse as South America, Central Europe and Middle East.

For MG Agro an important thing is working thoroughly, in a flexible way and focused on the needs of all stakeholders. For this reason, for MG Agro it is important to know the country´s culture, where its services and products are offered. For this reason the languages in which MG Agro communicates are Spanish, German, English and Portuguese.

The MG Agro Philosophy is summarized in 5 lines:

  • Know your business
  • The cobbler should stick to his last
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Estimate risks properly
  • Act decisively

Natural Resources, Ecology and Environment, a clarification:

The base of business of MG Agro and its customers are the natural resources, and therefore every decision that MG Agro recommends or takes has a direct impact on the environment and ecology. That's why MG Agro shares the thoughts of Albert Schweitzer: "We live in a dangerous era. The man dominates nature, before he learned to control himself. "By this, we mean that today an important source of disturbance in nature is human activity.

Mainly in forestry, actors have sufficient power decision to act with due respect for nature. That is why respect for nature is an important factor in developing recommendations and MG Agro products.